Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is your refrigerator running?

Well, my refrigerator started leaking last night.  That's no good.  

Anyhow, I had to not do Chinatown today, so that I could monitor the situation.  I've played around with the controls, and it seems to have worked. But, if it starts up again, I'm going to have to call my landlord and schedule a time when the maintenance guy can come to look at it.  I'm not happy about this.  But, shit happens.  Fuck that shit.

Anyhow, tonight I'm either going to watch a scary movie, or I'm going to read Travesties by Tom Stoppard for lit.  I'll decide later. 

Other than that I'm meeting muscle guy at 7 tomorrow for more chess learning.  

And, I'm meeting the guy who doesn't make me laugh at 8 on Tuesday, but I'm not sure what we're doing.  He's very childish even though he has a hugeass fucking vocabulary.  Like, if I say something cool, he'll say, "Wowie."  There is nothing wrong with that, but I'm finding it doesn't do much for me.  I'm wondering if this is just something that has resulted from him being a family therapist and working with putting children at ease.  He also says stuff like my eyes look like moon-in-Scorpio eyes.  This really isn't doing it for me either.

And, Wednesday I'm either going to see the school play or hang with my mom or do something Halloween-y or stay home and do my lit homework.  Because she never tells us what the homework is until the day of class, meaning that I won't find out until Tuesday and since I have a date on Tuesday, Wednesday may be the only time I have to do it.  Ugh.

Someone I know found me on the dating site I use.  Ha.  He's coolass, though.  He's a friend of mine that owns a comic book store.  Not my type though, despite that.  If he were Stuart from Big Bang, totally.  Stewart?  I dunno.  

I have to cook some dinner, but I'm not sure what direction I'm heading in there.  I do have a nice bottle of a red blend I bought called "Dead Bolt" that is all Halloween-y and should go well with a scary movie.  

So, I guess that's what I'm doing tonight.

Bottoms up!    


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything you say is cool, so the guy that doesn't make you laugh must be saying "Wowie" a lot!

If I could see into your eyes, I would simply say “everything is more beautiful reflected in your eyes” Strumpet. Run away with me.

~ Sir Wad

11/12/2012 6:23 AM  

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