Thursday, February 14, 2013

He called me last night.  He's going through some things himself, and he chose to call me to talk about them with.  We talked for a really long time.  And it was really great.  I really like him.  I just really like him.

And I talked to my boss at work.  I get to take the rest of the week off to collect myself and deal with my feelings away from everyone at work gossiping and what have you.  Being that I only work on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I get more than enough time to do this.  I'm really happy because I do like tutoring.  And I know I have students whom I would have let down had I left there, and that would not have been cool at all.  I'm lucky I work somewhere that is really cool with people being individuals.  I really am.

The new guy and I are going to this awesome, predominately vegetarian, restaurant.  Even though I have recently, as of the first of the year, stopped being all hardcore mostly vegan, I'm still eating a lot of vegan and veggie food.  So, I'm really excited he picked this restaurant.  I picked everywhere we went on our first date, and he came to my neighborhood, so I wanted to go by him this time.  I used to eat at this restaurant all the time when I lived up north.  I haven't been there in a really long time and they have a new manager, so I'm excited to see the changes.  I've looked on the menu and they still have the tahini salad dressing that I used to love, so I may have to get a side salad or something with that on it because it's super yummy stuff.   

Other than that, it's Valentine's day, and I wish anyone reading this a super awesome one.  I do, I do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm only a week or so late for Valentine's Day wishes, but I just wanted you to know that I LOVE YOU, unconditionally. I do, I do.

~ Sir Wad

2/22/2013 4:21 PM  

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